Ellis Alums

Ellis Alums at Work
Our Ellis Alums are amazing. They are working in major corporations, hospitals, schools, and running their own businesses. They are contributing to society through missionary work, social services, and by reinvesting in their own hometowns.

A Support Network
We continue to pair our Ellis Alums with others in their field, and individual Alums are forming career-specific support groups. Students who have successfully completed our program are wonderful role models for our new students and can provide mentoring expertise that is tailored specifically to our students.

Career Assistance
Our corporate sponsors provide us with job listings specifically intended for our students, and we keep these postings regularly updated on our website. We are always pleased to help our alums by reviewing their resumes and providing letters of reference.

Alum Survey
If you’ve completed the Ellis program, please follow the link below to complete our Alum Survey.

Click here to submit your contact information, and we will send you an Alum Survey.

Giving Back
Ellis Alums understand the pay-it-forward concept of reaching out to help others. Many of our Ellis Alums are already offering financial assistance and mentoring advice for current students. If you are an Ellis Alum who is ready to reach out to other Ellis Scholars, give us a call. We’d love to talk with you.


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