Tips for Success

Return on Investment

Have you calculated the ROI, Return on Investment, for your college education? Just take the tuition rate times the number of credits you need to graduate, and compare that with the initial earnings in your career field. How long will it take you to pay...

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Consider this…

How much time and research have you put into selecting a degree and career--enough to warrant a compatible and happy working lifetime?

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Ask Other Successful Students

Ask other successful students what they do to assimilate and retain information. Maybe they read out loud, or use flashcards, or backup the classroom lecture with YouTube videos from other professors. Then, test-drive different Success Strategies and...

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Form Study Groups

Form study groups for each of your classes. Once you’ve started your major, it may narrow down to just a couple of groups, but this will help you form positive friendships and lay the foundation for a career network down the road.

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Don’t Lose Your Grip

It’s easy to skip a class here and there, but this is the first slippery step to losing your grip on college success. The classroom offers information you won’t find in the textbook, but may show up on a quiz or text.

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