The Ellis Approach

The Ellis Foundation has a complete approach to college scholarships. We don’t just throw money at education - we make it stick by addressing the needs of students both on and off-campus.

Every student has access to a mentoring program and regular face-to-face and online contact sessions through college. We also connect students with others who work in their chosen field.


Student Selection

We work with high school counselors to identify students with the ability and determination to complete post-secondary education. All scholarship candidates are interviewed in person or via video-call.


Scholarship Assistance

We pay up to $1,000 per semester for up to eight consecutive semesters and encourage our students to explore additional scholarship opportunities as well as find part-time work, particularly in their degree field.


Degree Completion

Getting into college isn’t the hard part. The real feat is ensuring students graduate with the credentials needed for gainful employment. For this reason, we don’t just offer a one-year award. We work with students for up to eight consecutive semesters.


Financial Accountability

Our scholarships are paid directly to the college or university and cover college-billed expenses only. This ensures that donor funds go directly into students’ education and nowhere else.


Tracking Student Performance

We convey clear expectations and require accountability. Student performance is monitored directly from the college or university. If grades drop below our required GPA, the student is contacted directly. We hold students responsible for their performance while working with them to develop successful strategies.


College Coaching

We pair our scholarships with an expert mentor using a proven mentoring program targeted to college success and degree completion.

A Message from Chris Ellis, President

“Attitude is everything—and attitude is a decision. Choose to surround yourself with positive personalities and messages. Choose to participate in positive experiences and activities. Choose to fill your mind with positive thoughts, information, and expectations.

Make no mistake. Life will have obstacles and setbacks, but many of our Ellis Scholars have distinguished themselves by overcoming these challenges. They make a conscious effort not to indulge in self-pity or remorse. They take responsibility for their future.

Remember, the world is waiting for you. Go for it. There is work to be done.”

Scorecard 2022-2023